Application of Polyline thin coatings

The material is mixed thoroughly before application. Polyline coatings are thin coats and are applied with a brush, furry short rollers. We recommend applying at least 2 coats. Use only good quality rollers to avoid getting lint in the coating.
poly thin coatings

Application of Ultraline filler floors

ULTRALINE materials are two-component thick coatings, which are applied by pouring and then spreading the material with special spreaders and spatulas. ALLTRALINE materials are supplied in a complete two component pack with the mixing ratio required for material preparation. Caution! Ensure that the temperature of the components is between 15-25 °C before mixing.
still floor

Equipment required for non-application

  • Clean containers (buckets) for mixing the components with minimum capacity of 30 litres - 2-6 pcs.
  • Low-speed drill (approx. 300 rpm) with specific agitator. The axis length of the stirrer must be greater than the depth of the stirring vessel. - 1 pc.
  • Spatula for distributing the material in hard-to-reach places (under radiators, in corners, at doors, hallway etc.) - 1 pc.
  • Scraper with adjustable gap for distributing the material evenly on the surface - 1-2 pcs.
  • Aeration needle roller for removing air bubbles at the rate of 1 pc. for an area of 40-50 m2 as the application (spreading and distribution) of the material is much faster than rolling with a roller.
  • Special spiked soles for moving over the freshly applied coating - for the number of needle rollers working.
  • Solvent (methylene chloride) for cleaning tools. Prior to application, ensure the quality of the surface preparation and priming carried out beforehand. Pores in the primed substrate will not produce a defect-free coating!
  • During the works it is necessary to keep the surface clean.
  • Use dry and clean shoes and tools, carefully pour the contents of the packages and mix them thoroughly in 2 steps.
  1. Step 1. open the component buckets. Component A (coloured opaque) is mixed thoroughly until homogeneous for 1-2 minutes, lifting the sediment of pigments from the bottom, and poured into the container for mixing with component B (dark transparent). While stirring continuously, add component B, stir the mixture thoroughly until completely homogeneous, paying particular attention to the material on the walls, bottom and corners. No material shall remain in the container that can be poured out.
  2. Step 2. Pour the mixture again into another container and mix thoroughly. Caution: Use the material immediately after preparation. The mixed material is immediately applied to the floor. Do not keep the material in the container after mixing. Prepare all two-component materials for application in the same way. The Ultraline material is poured and distributed over the surface of the substrate using a toothed trowel, with a set gap to obtain the required coating thickness. The width of the tool should be chosen according to the quality of the substrate and the size of the irregularities. If large tool widths are used, the thickness of the layer may be affected by unevenness in the floor. To ensure a high surface quality and to ensure that air bubbles are removed from the coating, the freshly applied coating should be rolled with a needle roller. Rolling should be carried out in different directions, slowly, until all bubbles are removed within 10-20 minutes and finish until the viscosity of the applied coating increases. During rolling it is not necessary to remove the roller from the material.
  3. application poly


Only when thoroughly rolling with aeration needle roller a high quality smooth coating can be obtained. It is inadmissible to get wet on the coating before it is fully cured. When applying the two-component coating Ultra, only mix as much as can be used during the lifetime of the coating.


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