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Paint on concrete

If you're wondering, "Is there a paint on concrete that will hold up and not fall off?" Yes, there is. Such paints are common in the industry. They're used to cover areas where you want to keep out dust, dirt, clutter. In ordinary shops, they sell paints that are conventionally durable.  What is next? If you want to do it properly , do it and forget it, then paint properly and with the right material. A good choice is epoxy paint for concrete. Ideally, use an epoxy primer on the concrete first and then cover with an epoxy finish coat. Alternatively, it can be reinforced with quartz sand, granite siftings or marble chips. Such work can and should be done only once. You should not take a bad material and remake it. Do not waste your time. Once you do it, forget about the problem of floors in the garage forever. It will cost more to re-coat than to have a good epoxy paint over concrete once.  Concrete paint is an indispensable household item . If a concrete floor is left

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